Need a Little Pick-Me-Up?

Pick-me-up Grandpa! Pick-me-up!” was how I always eagerly ran into my grandpa’s open arms and smiling eyes as child.  He would sweep me into the air and give me a big hug!  At some point, I became taller than him, but we never stopped greeting each other with this chant and a hug.  In his later years, we joked how I could probably pick him up instead.  My grandfather, Lynn Stiles Sr., passed away three years ago.  I miss him dearly, and think of him often.Watch All Girls Weekend (2016) Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Today would have been Grandpa’s 94th birthday – wow!  Yup, he was born in 1917, a fact my mathematically challenged mind can’t compute.  Imagine the things he saw in his life!  In his retirement, he and my Grandma wrote two books about the history of his family, including countless personal stories and old photos.  What a treasure!

grandpa2002-3Alien: Covenant 2017 film trailer

This photo was taken with a simple compact camera and it has a few issues with the background, exposure, etc.  I’m not interested in these things at this point, it’s the expression on our faces and the interaction between us that draws me too it.  Someday, when I reach the end of my days I’ll see my grandpa again, but until then, I just look at this and I’m taken right back into his embrace.  It’s still a great “pick-me-up”!

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