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‘Wonder Woman’ is a movie genre Action, was released in May 30, 2017. Patty Jenkins was directed this movie and starring by Gal Gadot. This movie tell story about An Amazon princess comes to the world of Man to become the greatest of the female superheroes.


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Wonder Woman (2017) Full Movie

Director : Patty Jenkins.
Writer : Geoff Johns.
Producer : Charles Roven, Deborah Snyder, Zack Snyder, Richard Suckle.
Release : May 30, 2017
Country : United States of America.
Production Company : Dune Entertainment, Atlas Entertainment, Warner Bros., DC Entertainment, Cruel & Unusual Films, TENCENT PICTURES, Wanda Pictures.
Language : Deutsch, English.
Runtime : 141
Genre : Action, Adventure, Fantasy.
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    7-Jan-13 21:53
    13.Elisabeth Degallier
    Hi Justin,
    I hope you’re getting lots of feedback from Matt’s site too! It really was an inspiring show. Thanks for the feedback on my photos. Sometimes when my fingers get so cold, I wonder why I ever thought of shooting snowflakes too! I think about shooting sand grains on a warm beach instead someday 🙂
    I took a look at your site too – you have a wonderful eye for light in your landscapes. They’re simply beautiful. I especially like your “Jefferson Memorial in the Morning.” Although I’m partial to B&W, the way you pulled the light through was just dreamy. Well done.
    Have an inspiring New Year!

    7-Jan-13 21:35
    12.Justin Mier(non-registered)
    Great Blog Elisabeth – I too saw this on Matt K’s blog where I was shown alongside yours. Apparently we both were inspired by that episode of the Grid. It was a wonderful show. I looked through your snowflake pictures and they were great. We get tons of snow here in Chicago (usually – not so far this year) but I’ve never thought to zoom in and do macro shoots on them. The details you’ve captured are superb. Keep up the good work!
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    11.Elisabeth Degallier
    Hi Melinda,
    I’m with you about landscape photography – getting up before dawn is for the birds! I’m still hoping to do more travel though someday…
    You have beautiful photos too! I love the simplicity of your work, very nice. I had to laugh at what you said about your neighbors wondering about what you were doing on your front porch with a tripod – that’s me all over!
    Thanks for reading and sharing, have a wonderful new year!

    6-Jan-13 14:13
    Wonderful post- I found the link through Matt K’s blog. I had also watched the Grid episode- twice- and am re-inspired to improve my photography. I am working on step 1 especially. I decided not to do a Project 365 this year (I just completed 2 years) and to really concentrate on what I am drawn to and am pretty good at. I would love to be able to do all those wonderful landscape shots, but I don’t take those great trips (and when I do I don’t want to get up at 3:30am to shoot!). I love your macro work and want to get better at that. I LOVE your beautiful snowflakes- and am going to look at the rest of your blog later.

    5-Jan-13 14:11
    9.Elisabeth Degallier
    Hi Mike – Yes winters can be nasty business! I didn’t realize it got so cold down in Biloxi! I’m glad you enjoyed the photo!
    Stay warm!

    5-Jan-13 14:02
    8.Elisabeth Degallier
    Wow – it’s so fun to get such great feedback! I didn’t realize Matt had linked me on his blog – nice!

    Hi Gail! Canada looks beautiful and you have some wonderful images! Yes, the winter landscape is beautiful, even though it can be brutal. Keep up the great work!

    Hi Deb! I’ve never been to Tennessee but your photos make it look so dreamy.

    Hi Anne! I’m glad the link helped. Let me know if you decide to try it – I’d love to see what you do. I really like what you have to say on your blog though – “gear is good – vision is better.” Thanks so much for the specific feedback on my photos – it’s really helpful to hear what you think. I’ll drop you a line on your site when I have some time.

    Joy in the Journey!

    5-Jan-13 13:55
    7.Mike Wilson(non-registered)
    I’ve lived through only four winters with snow. I did suffer my coldest winter without snow, had there been any it would have been the worst winter of my life. That winter was only one of the reasons I hated Biloxi, Miss. The fact that you could find entire snow flakes on the ground proves just how cold it is at ground level. I like the image. I like the fact that it shows a piece of nature as interesting as this phenomena. Thanks for the suffering you went through t give us the photo.

    5-Jan-13 12:38
    Hi Elisabeth,
    Found your post through Matt’s – well written and to the point. I live in Calgary now, Ontario prior. Winter seems to start in September in parts of Canada. I love photographing in the winter because of the possibilities – landscapes, still life, macro. It is definitely more fun than fighting mosquitoes and black flies! 🙂
    Thanks fr sharing and here’s to a productive, creative and doing what it takes 2013!

    5-Jan-13 12:24
    5.Anne Wallace(non-registered)
    Hi Elisabeth,

    Thanks for the helpful resource from Adorama. I have not used an adapter or extension tube. I love macro images so maybe this year I need to decide if this is part of the mission!

    I admit that you have some wonderful shots of butterflies. Beautiful variety! And the notion of shooting indoors doesn’t have the same kind of joy of spontaneously discovering and shooting in the moment.

    And I love your most recent photo, the one of the solitary leaf. The lighting and color is great, the composition strong. This is one of my favorites out of all your photos. (Ok, I am impressed by your butterflies because I have never seen some of those and I like the compositions.) Hard to believe what your public may pick!

    Alright, here’s to both of us capitializing on Matt’s inspiration in new and wonderful ways!


    5-Jan-13 11:41
    4.Deb Scally(non-registered)
    Great post Elisabeth! I think I fall into the same category and Matt’s post equally has inspired me. And your snowflake image at the end is spectacular! I live in Tennessee, also love macro, but we dont have as many flake opportunities here! Great job!

    4-Jan-13 17:06
    3.Elisabeth Degallier
    Hi Anne!

    I’m so glad you found my post! How fun to connect with other photographers around the country. Hmmm… No mosquitos, what would that be like? Sounds like heaven!

    You bring up a good point about bringing things inside to shoot. Good light has been a big issue for me, but with the addition of some new lights I may try that more often.

    Ok, adapter rings. Sorry I wasn’t more specific in my post. I purchased a reverse mount adapter ring for my 50mm prime lens. This allows me to mount it backwards onto my camera and turn it into a macro lens on the cheap. Here’s one of the articles I read:

    I also use an extension tube to get even more magnification, it’s quite a contraption! If you search on amazon for these things using your camera brand and lens diameter, they’re pretty inexpensive – a lot less than a macro lens. At some point I’ll shell out the big bucks for a nicer lens 🙂

    I hope that helps! Snap on!

    4-Jan-13 16:23
    2.Anne Wallace(non-registered)
    Hi there,
    Found your great post thanks to Matt’s link!

    I watched The Grid show also and am trying to decide which of my shooting preferences might resonate with the public, and cross your fingers, actually lead to generating income.

    I appreciate that you are slogging through snow and swatting mosquitos to get those nature shots. I too live in a land of 2 seasons, Seattle, where rain and a few brief months of summer present a challenge (no nasty mosquitos at all here, thank heavens!)

    Maybe bringing nature relics indoors and shooting on interesting textural backgrounds is an idea?

    You mentioned an adapter. Ok, I confess..what is it and why do you use it?

    Look forward to reading more of your posts.

    Happy shooting with purpose in 2013,

    3-Jan-13 19:34
    1.Tim Tapio(non-registered)
    Keep on keeping on!

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