Joy in the Journey! Elisabeth

PHOTOGRAPHY feeds my soul. Through the lens, entire new WORLDS appear – like stepping through the wardrobe into Narnia.  My eyes wander and I get lost. Minutes. Hours. My neck ache finally wins and I’m forced to retreat. Beautiful? Wonderful? Awesome (original definition please)? They’re weak descriptors. Success or not, my satisfaction is found in the pursuit.

ARTIST AND GEEK. That’s the 21st century photographer. A billion years ago, when I started all this, I’m not sure my camera even had a battery. I used a darkroom instead of Lightroom. Now, the line between art and tech is blurred or even gone. That’s where I live, and I love it.

Please wander through my images. Maybe even get lost for a while.  Get in touch with me, I’d love to hear from you!

I can be found living in Fountain City, Wisconsin nestled along the upper Mississippi River, and working at home with my husband (and fellow geek) Mark. We’re self-employed through our company, Little Light Media.  We have three incredible kids, one fantastic son-in-law, and an obnoxious (but sweet) beagle.  In our spare time we dream together, fix up our old house and watch sci-fi. This is the life!